Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ki-Young Jeon, you have no idea how helpful this is.

oh man it's Jeon

I've been working hard at juji gatame lately, new setups, new entries, new grip breaks. (New to me, I mean; I am changing zero games here.) I'd been focused specifically on passing and pinning for the last while, but I've found that as that has come along, opportunities for the juji just kind of start to present themselves, you know? Like, I'm not looking for it, but all of a sudden it's like "oh shit, an arm, let's see about this." And so an increased interest in the juji gatame.

I have been plagued, though, by a thing that doesn't happen all that often but when it does, it makes you feel like a god damned idiot. What do you do if you're pretty much all set to finish the technique, but all of a sudden your opponent traps your damn leg between his damn legs and you can't finish damn it and before you know it your're in his damn half guard for some reason? Damn it, right?

Apparently there is a way to deal with this.

Pretty neat~

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Cian said...

Should you guys happen to see notifications for this site still, I'd be very interested (now that the video has been removed) to know Jeon's anti-leg escape trick for juji, mainly because I'm someone who has confidence in my flexibility giving me the option for such an escape when an arm is caught.