Friday, December 5, 2008

A number of preposterous judo videos on youtube

And yet this may be the strangest one


KS said...

It must be said that there are some pretty tight techniques here for a blue belt. I feared the worst after that gruesome uchi mata but you let it play and you just can't hate.

Wharf judo, man. Wharf judo.

A.W. said...

Yes I never meant to imply it wasn't among the tightest of judos. The dad in particular has some especially beautiful judo to me.
You know, so infrequently is the glory of the outdoor judo spoken of. And yet to me that is among the purest of judos.

Nickynoneck said...

At least they didnt use the mortal kombat theme( usually reserved for kung fu highlights) or the hand that feeds by nine inch nails ...that song is used in every judo clip now since that karo highlight.
But the cheese is ripe with this one .