Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So how is your judo at the moment?

Thing I'm gonna do this after every class until they really start to suck. Probably more for my edification than anything else. We'll see.

I missed Thursday and missed a white belt get promoted to sankyu and a sankyu get promoted to nikkyu so that sucked. Wish I had been there for those dudes. Being sick sucks because you usually feel good enough to judo but don't wanna get anyone sick.
So tonight I was doing uchi komi with white belts and it's so weird to be telling people what to do. Because I think I know virtually nothing about judo and yet I am correcting dudes seoi nages and I never ever do seoi nage is just so weird. And pretty cool!

A couple dudes in our club are up for shodan and that is really exciting because aside from our senseis, no one has any manner of black belt. I think a lot of the guys in our club started judo very young, went away from it for a while, then came back fairly recently. At least that's the only reason I can think of that we don't have more black belts, everyone is really good and I would say that all our brown belts except for me are at least as good as 90% of the shodans at my old club.

Currently we are working on nage no kata. For fear of being branded a heretic, I kind of hate it. I understand we need to know it for shodan and we got these dudes so we're doing it but ugh no more. I wanna throw the living hell out of dudes who don't want to get thrown, not sort of gently throw a dude who is sort of letting you throw him but also doesn't wanna get slammed.

So how are you guys? How is your judo? Let me know, I like hearing personal accounts of judo's glory.


KS said...

Post-class judo riffing -- *yes* to this.

Yeah, lots of nage no kata in my life these days as well, as I've got some peoples going for ikkyu (three throws), shodan (nine), and nidan (all fifteen) . . . tonight, actually. And should all go as it has been going I'm looking at a shodan test in the spring so I have been on that kata grind as well. Here is the thing: I will probably never be even a good uke on those last six throws. If I do I will consider it that greatest of triumphs because *I am horrible* in that regard. First nine throws, I am a passable tori. I don't love kata, I'm not sure I even really like kata, but it is fine that we have to do it for gradings. I am of the belief that the kata fetishists at Judoforum are preposterous people but I am young and unschooled.

Unrelated: holy hell but the adult beginner is the most dangerous creature in existence. I get spoiled working with people who are excellent and controlled and ideal training partners, so I am not at all reluctant to put myself in vulnerable positions so that we can work, right? But take an adult beginner who is say fifty pounds heavier than you and you are like "ok guy it is time to attack the turtle" and then he Yokozuna-style jumps on the small of your back not once but twice, and it is an ordeal.

FINALLY: man let me just say about grips that they are the greatest of equalizers, and if you can play from a strong *left* inside grip on the lapel, you are going to be able to hang with people who are objectively vastly, vastly better than you by every conceivable measure. Grips: the best way to make yourself a nuisance to your superiors.

Jesse said...

Andrew what is your overall judo goal? Do you seek to become a sensei yourself one day?